Collaborative Law as a Viable Alternative

by | Apr 3, 2012 | Law

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If you and your spouse are looking for an attorney in order to get a divorce in Austin, there is an increasingly popular alternative to the often costly traditional method. Collaborative law allows couples to avoid much of the cost, time and emotional difficulties of litigation for the sake of working together to achieve a mutually satisfactory divorce in Texas.

A collaborative law divorce is not for couples who are intensely angry with each other or living in an environment of hostility. Although you may not have positive feelings toward your spouse, if you are emotionally stable and able to take responsibility for yourself, your emotions and your behaviors, then even if the marriage is ending on a terrible note (such as one spouse leaving the other to be with a new person), collaborative law may be the best means to divorce in Austin.

Collaborative law is an opportunity to get a divorce in Austin without going through the usual proceedings that takes place in court. Instead, you and your spouse will meet with attorneys who are trained in collaborative law at a handful of hearings, where you will privately discuss all the issues pertaining to the divorce and form solutions that are in everyone’s best interest. It is a way of proceeding with divorce in Austin in a respectful and mutually beneficial manner. Unlike in a judicial setting, there are no winners or losers. Rather, discussions are conducted via consultation with mental health and financial experts.

Using collaborative law for your divorce in Austin is usually less expensive and does not take as much time as a contested divorce. Some divorces take several months to resolve in court, but if both parties generally agree on most of the issues involved, divorces that take place in a collaborative environment can be resolved within three or four sessions. While there is no judge or magistrate present, and no court judgment, the agreement you come to is legally binding. Many people prefer to come to their own terms and agreements rather than have it handed down to them by a judge. It is also a preferable way to handle child custody issues, and models respect and maturity for any children who are also involved.

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