Choosing A Personal Injury Attorney In Knoxville

by | May 10, 2013 | Legal Services

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When you’re hurt in an accident, trying to recover is usually first and foremost on your mind. Unfortunately, if you need a Personal Injury attorney Knoxville now is the time to find one, though you may not be up for the search. There are a few simple tips that can make finding the right lawyer for your specific needs easier while you take time to recover.

Get recommendations from friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, acquaintances and anyone else you come in contact with for the name of a good attorney. Eventually the same name will come up repeatedly and that will be an indication of a good attorney to contact for more information.

Many times an attorney will offer a free consultation. If you are laid up due to your injury, the attorney will meet with you either at your home or even at the hospital, if necessary. This consultation will give you time to meet the attorney, get a feel for his personality and allow him time to hear about your situation. Ask him to give you his honest opinion of what he feels your case is worth and if he feels it is worth pursuing.

Many times, a Personal Injury attorney Knoxville will take a case on a contingency basis. That means that you don’t pay the attorney anything unless you receive money in the form of a settlement. An attorney won’t usually agree to this unless he is fairly certain that your case is worthy of a settlement offer. Most attorneys take between 33 1/3 – 50% of the settlement amount for payment when your case is settled.

You will be working very closely with your attorney. Make sure that you get along well with him. There is no room for a personality clash when working with an attorney. He needs to know he can trust you as well as you can trust him to do what is right with your specific case.

It may take some to find the right attorney for the job, but rest assured that he is out there. Ask around for recommendations, don’t be afraid to ask the attorney questions and make sure you get along. If you do these things before you hire an attorney, you can be certain you have the best one for you.


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