Child Emancipation Issues: What to Know

by | Jan 4, 2013 | Family Law

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There are many young people today who have found that their parent’s legal right to make their decisions and to govern their lives until they turn 18 is actually a negative thing, not a positive one. For some children, they simply must wait until they are 18 to take control, but for others the situation is more dire and it can be putting their lives in danger. In these situations children can file for what is known as emancipation. If you are looking for more information on child emancipation and how it works, you will want to begin with a general knowledge of this legal process.

First, it is important to understand the child emancipation process. Emancipation is generally a type of divorce between a child and their parents or when a minor becomes emancipated from his or her legal guardian. Once emancipated, the minor will be able to conduct business and do other things on their own behalf without the influence of their parent or guardian. The thing to keep in mind is that once the emancipation process has been completed, the parent or guardian will be free of any responsibilities regarding the child as well.

The process is legal in the United States, and in some states the parental guardian must offer consent in order for the emancipation process to be completed, while in other states this is not necessary. The process is known for being quite long and quite complicated as in the end it needs to be proven that it is in the best interest of the child to be legally emancipated. The child typically will also have to prove that they are self-sufficient financially as well in order for the emancipation process to move forward. With both sides of this legal matter, the process can get quite complicated and complex and in almost every situation, it is best if you have a professional lawyer on your side.

You will want to take the time to hire an experienced and successful family lawyer for your emancipation issue and to make sure that they not only have experience in the area of family law but that they have experience with issues related to emancipation as well. Make sure that you talk with the lawyer about their experience with these cases and have them look at your case so they can help you determine the best way to move forward with this delicate and often very complicated legal matter.

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