Can A Disability Lawyer Help Win Your Claim?

Although disability lawyers tend to handle claims differently, there are still numerous similarities on how disability lawyers in Gloucester develop claims and prepare clients for disability hearings.

When you first contact a lawyer:

When you have a physical or mental disability that stops you from working you have every right to claim for Social Security disability benefits. The first step is to contact a seasoned lawyer for representation. One of the lawyers or a staff member will gather the pertinent facts; these facts are what the lawyer uses to determine if the case appears that it will result in success.

Developing supporting medical evidence:

Once the lawyer has agreed to take your case the first thing is to gather all supporting medical evidence and submit it to the Administration. As your lawyer will need to access confidential records from your attending physicians and other medical professionals, you will be asked to sign a release.

In many cases the Administration demands a specific type of examination be made. Disability lawyers in Gloucester will review the medical records you have; if you need to undergo additional testing they will arrange it.

Preparing for your hearing:

The majority of applications that are denied go to a hearing which is held in front of an administrative law judge. Your disability lawyers will ask you questions that you can expect to be asked during the hearing. It is extremely important that all the answers you give your lawyers are honest, otherwise it will be difficult for your lawyers to give you effective representation. You are allowed to bring witnesses into the hearing that can support your claim; they will be invited if your attorney feels their testimony is necessary to win the case for you.

Experienced disability lawyers in Gloucester can often make the difference between success and failure when applying for disability benefits. You are welcome to discuss your case with the Law Office of Elizabeth A Patterson at

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