Call an Injury Lawyer in Moore, OK when Insurance won’t Settle

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Attorney

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Car insurance must be purchased for every vehicle. This is to protect the driver and anyone he or she may be in an accident with. If they are hit by another driver, the other driver’s insurance is supposed to cover the medical bills, car repair bills, and other expenses related to the accident. Most of the time, this is all done without problems. Unfortunately, there are times when the insurance company refuses to pay the victim of the accident. When this happens, the victim will want to call an injury lawyer in Moore, OK.

The insurance company is going to try to settle for as small of an amount as they can and they’ll try to avoid a settlement if they believe they can get away with it. They may claim the person caused the accident so their driver wasn’t at fault and they don’t need to pay. They may also claim that the person was partially responsible for the accident, which is another way they can avoid a settlement. If the person was a victim and is not at fault in the accident, they may need to contact a lawyer to help them prove it.

The lawyer is going to collect evidence from the accident, including photographs, witness statements and police reports. They’ll create a file of paperwork and other evidence that shows their client was not responsible for the accident and is due compensation for any injuries sustained. Then, they’ll talk to the insurance company to try and negotiate a settlement. Most of the time, this is all the victim needs to be able to receive the money he or she needs. When it’s not enough, the lawyer is going to take the case to court to be decided by a judge. Visit website for more details.

Even though insurance companies are supposed to help the victim of an accident, often the details of the accident can help these companies to claim the victim was actually at fault for the accident. In these cases, the victim needs to call an injury lawyer in Moore, OK. A lawyer, like one from the Cain Law Office, will do everything he or she can do to help prove the victim was not at fault and get the compensation the victim deserves.

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