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by | Mar 11, 2013 | Attorney

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When it comes to bankruptcy, Bethlehem PA residents know how difficult it can be to start the process, much less get through the entire case effectively. Bankruptcy is not an easy concept, and it can be incredibly confusing and overwhelming to try to figure out all of the different details of using bankruptcy protection to resolve your financial issues. Before your case can even begin, you must make several decisions and determinations as to ensure that your case will be processed and resolved in the best way possible for you. Should you make the wrong decisions, or not fulfill your responsibilities, your bankruptcy Bethlehem PA case could face several long delays or even be completely dismissed. Some of the considerations to keep in mind when planning on filing for bankruptcy protection include:

What Chapter?
Deciding what chapter bankruptcy protection used file for is one of the first steps in making sure that your bankruptcy case will be processed and resolved properly. Different chapters a bankruptcy protection are designed for different types of financial issues and different types of filers. Your bankruptcy Bethlehem PA attorney will help you to decide if your situation is eligible for bankruptcy at all, and if so, which chapter is most appropriate for you.

Credit Counseling
Before you’re able to file for your bankruptcy protection it is necessary for you to undergo credit counseling. This credit counseling will help you to understand how you got that in the first place, and help to prepare you to not face the same financial difficulties in the future. Consult with your bankruptcy attorney in Bethlehem PA to determine what the credit counseling requirements are in your area and how you can fulfill them so that you can get your petition filed as quickly as possible. Generally, these credit counseling courses only take a few hours and can be completed within a very short time of you filing your petition.

In order for your bankruptcy Bethlehem PA case to be process, you will need to provide appropriate documentation. This will include information regarding your current financial situation, as well as your finances in the past year. This is the information will be used to determine if you’re eligible for bankruptcy protection, and the extent to which this protection will resolve your current financial issues.

When it comes to financial issues, Pennsylvania residents know that their choice of bankruptcy attorney will make a massive difference in how well they get through their situation and how quickly they are able to start rebuilding and focusing on establishing better financial health in the future.


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