Attorneys for Social Security Disability Can Get Through the Nuances of the Law

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Lawyers

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A disability, as defined by the Federal Government, is a person that has become either permanently disabled or disabled for more than one year. They cannot continue to perform any substantial or gainful activity due to their disability. This includes an ability to work or to work effectively due to the disability.

The Social Security Administration oversees the largest program for disability help in the United States. They provide assistance for a very long list of conditions. A few of the better known conditions include arthritis, back pain, cancer, diabetes, seizures, mental retardation and other mental disorders, and chronic pain. These are just a few of the examples, but there are thousands of claims each year for various conditions.

Because there are so many claims each year, there is always a chance that a person will get denied for disability even when they should actually qualify. The problem is that once a decision is rendered it can be very difficult to get the right person to hear the case again. Often times it is just a matter of the officers getting swamped with case after case, so they do not have adequate time to go back and review an old case.

How a Lawyer Can Help

When this happens the best thing to do is to call a lawyer that works with social security disability in Portsmouth. This area of law is a very large are, especially considering the size of the Social Security Program. These lawyers specialize in practicing law in just the area of disabilities. They have the know how to fight a decision and win a case for a disability acceptance or settlement.

Most lawyers for social security disability in Portsmouth will offer a free consultation to evaluate an applicant’s predicament. They examine everything about the case and can then offer free advice as to where to proceed. Should representation be needed they will then use all of their resources to bring the applicant’s case in front of the right person or, if necessary, take the case to court where they can prove that the person is indeed disabled and should be declared eligible for any and all disability programs.

Once a decision has been rendered it is then and only then that most lawyers will get paid. They only get paid for a favorable decision too. If the lawyer took on the case and was not able to win the case, then there is no charge at all to the disabled person.


Being disabled is hard enough. If a decision is made about a disability program that is not favorable, the best thing to do is ask for help. It will not cost any money up front, and a decision is usually rendered much faster.

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