An SSI Attorney in Bakersfield Assists Clients with Income-Related Issues

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Lawyer

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The federal government provides two types of disability payment programs. Social Security Disability Insurance is for U.S. residents who have earned a minimum amount of money from working. They may qualify for benefits if they suffer from an injury or illness preventing them from earning a living. Supplemental Security Income is offered to those who have had only limited or no income. Due to a new or ongoing disability, they can only work limited hours or none. An SSI attorney in Bakersfield can assist with completing applications and making appeals after claim denials.

Income Considerations

Retirement Benefits

The Social Security Administration also pays retirement benefits to qualified applicants of age 62 or older. Recipients can make as much money as they want. However, those who have not yet reached full retirement age must return some of the benefit money if they earn more than the amount allowed.


The situation is different with SSDI and SSI. Recipients are allowed to earn money, but they must be careful about not making more than the program specifies. That’s a signal to the Administration that the recipient might no longer be disabled enough to qualify. An SSI attorney in Bakersfield can assist when the Administration makes an inquiry about increases in income or halts payments.

Short-Term Income Increases

In some cases, a brief period of higher income is a fluke. The organization might have needed everyone to work additional hours because of short-term staff shortages or extra seasonal business. The worker may not have understood that the Social Security Administration might investigate the situation.

Getting Legal Help

Anyone wanting assistance with applying for benefits or dealing with benefits-related problems may check out the website of Pena & Bromberg today.

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