A Veterans Benefits Lawyer Can Help, Find Services in Texas

Veterans are entitled to compensation for injuries sustained while on military service. A veterans benefits lawyer specializes in helping veterans submit claims to get these benefits. If you are a veteran living in Texas, you can get assistance in the claims process. There are four different types of benefits available depending on the type of disability and the surrounding circumstances.

Veterans Compensation Benefits

Veterans who have service-related disabilities qualify for veterans compensation benefits. These provide a monthly payment for those that qualify. The qualification criteria for this are that there is a current disability as verified by a medical professional, an event in service, and evidence that the condition is related to your military service.

Total Disability Based On Individual Unemployability (TDIU)

If someone is unable to work or find substantial employment because of a service-related disability that meets rating requirements, they can get for Total Disability Based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU). This does not and cannot take into consideration the age of the veteran or other disabilities that are not connected to military service.

Monthly Disability Benefits

Based on the degree of disability for a service-related condition, a veteran may qualify for up to $3,100 in monthly benefits for themselves and their dependents to live on. VA rates disabilities from 0-100%, with 100% being the rating for a totally disabled person. Widow and widowers of veterans who died from service-related injuries or were totally disabled from service-related injuries at the time of death are also entitled to benefits.

VA Pension Benefits

Veterans who are 65 years and over qualify for pension benefits. Veterans with low income and total disability also qualify for pension benefits. Veterans who qualify for both pension and other service-related compensation can only get one of these—whichever is greater.

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