A Couple of Real Estate Tips From a Real Estate Attorney in Walker, MN

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Attorney

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When it is time to take care of real estate transactions such as landlord and tenant disputes, contractual disputes, or zoning conflicts, a person will need a real estate attorney. A Real Estate Attorney in Walker MN helps clients with such real estate issues and has been doing so for over four decades. There are things about real estate law that are specific to the State of Minnesota. One who is engaged in real estate business of any kind needs to be abreast of these specifics.

Minnesota laws regarding real estate touch on a diverse range of issues. Laws in Minnesota are worded to prevent discrimination against renters because of race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, color, gender, marital status or disabilities. Having said that, mortgage holders and landlords must be very careful in handling homeowners and tenants. Here are a couple of Minnesota’s unique approach to real estate law.

  • Minnesota Homestead law is set up to allow homeowners to claim a portion of their home as a homestead. This setup protects the homeowner’s interest in the home from being taken over by creditors in crisis situations. The principal thing about this particular law is to keep homeowners from ending up in a homeless situation. The law allows for homeowners to claim as homestead, up to $390,000 as property value or $975,000 if the homeowner has agricultural land. Unlike other states, Minnesota makes no allowances for married couples to claim a double exemption.
  • Minnesota also has what is called “adverse possession.” This law allows for those who do not actually own the home but have made significant improvements to it, to take possession and be granted a legal title. There are guidelines that must be met, such as the process being done openly and without covert intent.

The Brainerd Minnesota Law Firm is comprised of a team of attorneys who represent clients in areas of personal injury cases and accidents, as well as real estate law. They have been providing legal solutions to varying types to individuals and businesses in the Walker, Minnesota area. If you need a Real Estate Attorney in Walker MN or anywhere in the surrounding area, you can visit the Brainerd Minnesota Law Firm.

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